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Name:Sandbox of truth
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A city is not gauged by its length and width, but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams.
Herb Caen

Welcome to what was born a living city, and is now a mad thing on the verge of death. Once this city was perfect, safe, sealed away from the rest of the universe; now it's reserves are running out and it's mind is flickering in and out of sanity. Once the city had a name, had people, had purpose. It's people died, it's name was lost, and aeons passing took their toll on the slowly fading place.

The city, like any living thing, wants to live. With the technology it had to hand and the planning ability of a mad place it reached out to steal new sources of power. Oh yes, the city runs on the power of it's people. It loves it's people, it wants it's people to be happy, because it will never let them go. Ever.

Quicky info:
~You've got happy little deus ex machina running around in your body that sops up excess power. Please don't make me have to define this more.
~If your power-set can be defined as "godly" it's going to be ratcheted down to "Gandolfly" because the city is sucking that shit up. Please don't make me have to define this more.
~If your power-set allows mind-control that particular power does not exist. Deal with it.
~Only the electricity/hot water/yadda yadda around characters is working. Leave the room, the lights go out even if you left them on sort of thing. Size of your "things work around me" bubble has to do with your "powers I cannot reach" level, see above about godly power etc. Loki will make more things work than Jack Frost will make more things work than Joe Bystander.
~The city is huge. Make yourself a damn map and hope not to get lost huge. Go nuts and please don't make me have to define this more.
~The city is surrounded by a big-ass mirrored dome. Don't break it, there be vacuum out there.
~The city is nucking futz and will make you get some kind of job. Don't make me define this more. (YES THERE IS A THEME HERE OKAY?)
~Sometimes shit happens and ~~things~~ get in. Go nuts.
~Sometimes a portal to somewhere else opens, it's open for no more than a week IC (defined as "however the hell long we backtag in it" OOC). People who go through it sleep like the dead once they get back...and they do get back. The city demands it. Escape is not happening.
~The city will not take enough power to potentially kill you.

Quicky rules:
~Don't make me make more rules. Seriously.
~I will toss problem people out at my discretion. My sandbox, my decision to boot people dumping flies in my honey.
~As soon as you post in the sandbox your character is officially AU. Someone else can bring in Barry the Wonder Squid from the same exact second as you brought in Barry the Wonder Squid. There can be eight million Barry the Wonder Squids and every damn one will be as legit as the next without having to speak to the players of any other Barrys. No Highlandering.*
~Go ahead and port all your CR from wherever the fuck you want it to come from. Damn straight I'll be doing so.
~Original characters are AOK. Go nuts. Only don't make me make more rules. That said, Jacob the Pathfinder's long lost sister will not necessarily get anything more than a "the fuck you say?" from Jacob. Etc.
~If you're going to destroy anything bigger than a small building let me know. The city won't like that.
~If you want to open a portal and Do The Thing, open a portal and Do The Thing.
~If you think you might be doing a thing that would make me make new rules you can talk to me about it first. You can also just go for it and see what happens.
~I have no over-arching plot here. Go nuts with theories and ideas. If I like something I may say so.
~If it's something you wouldn't want your grandmother/child/fairy godmother to see cut it, tag it, don't make me ban your ass.
~Prose, actionspam, whatever I don't care. Figure each post out amongst yourselves. Personally I prose the shit out of things.
~There is no AC
~There is no character limit

~OOC community for everything not IC. [community profile] all_is_truth_ooc
*If there actually ends up being some canon with a Barry the Wonder Squid I will be baffled.**
**That said a Barry-on-Barry brawl would be funny as hell.
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